Learning How to Learn

As MFS begins moving towards the fourth quarter, teachers will begin to prepare students for final exams. Most students will be taking on more than one exam so they will need to develop a strategy for learning and studying to help them retain what they have learned throughout the year. Finding this strategy will also […]

Political Action Club Roundtable #5

Political Action Club meets on E days in room 104.  Clark Thomson is the faculty advisor.

Ed Said: Arizona Madness

Ed Said: Edward Gelernt’s Comments on the World This Week: Arizona Madness Daily Show host Jon Stewart is frequently right on target, but his characterization of Arizona’s bill SB1062 as “morally repugnant” stood out as particularly apt. The bill, which would have permitted small business owners to deny service to gay and lesbian couples on […]

Recent News

Look at the (Dim) Brightside: The 2014 Phillies and How They Could Succeed

This article is in a Point/Counter-Point series.  The opposing viewpoint can be found here. Sure, at face value, the Phillies don’t look great.  But that’s not to say they couldn’t make a run.  Baseball is not totally predictable.  When the Angels signed Pujols, they looked like overwhelming favorites to breeze into the playoffs.  But it […]

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Leave Hope Behind: Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2014 Philadelphia Phillies

This article is in a Point/Counter-Point series.  The opposing viewpoint can be found here. The 2014 Philadelphia Phillies are going to be bad. BAD. I mean, really, really bad.  Unquestionably, undeniably bad. You probably get the point.   There are several reasons for this.   First off, the Phillies are old. Even for baseball teams, […]

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Do’s and Don’t of Prom

With prom just around the corner, everyone is running around trying to find a dress or a last-minute date. For some, it will be the first prom they have ever attended.  For others, this could be their last prom, and possibly their fourth if they’ve gone since freshman year.  If you don’t know what to […]

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Horoscopes at MFS

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