Why Everyone is an Idiot

Ed Said: Edward Gelernt’s comments on the world This week: Celebrity nude photos scandal Digital idiocy is rampant. From insipid questions on Yahoo Answers to numbskulls’ posts on Facebook, a simple Google search can reveal flocks of women wondering if they should get maternity tests, high school students stating that “a sun is a sun, […]

A Shrek-castic Cast for a Shrek-tastic Task

Yesterday morning, the cast list of Shrek the Musical was posted and the halls immediately filled with excitement as actors and actresses crowded around the list and reacted to what they saw.  WordsWorth was on the scene and captured some comments from those involved. “I am excited because I saw the musical in person and […]

WordsWorth 2013-2014 Recap

As another school year comes to a close, the staff at MFS WordsWorth sadly takes a brief hiatus for the summer. But do not fret, we will be back for in September when school re-opens with excellent articles to keep you informed. In the meantime, let’s wrap up the year and remember some of the […]

Summer Reading

“We were hoping for much more student involvement,” said MFS librarian Martha Reilly about this year’s summer reading program.  The summer reading program is in its third year, but this is the first year it is student-run.  The switch was made to encourage students to be more excited about the program and to meet the […]

Outgoing Teachers

“One thing I will miss the most will be the Moorestown Friends community,” said Upper School English teacher Paul Shallers.  As the 2013-2014 school year winds down, annoucements have been made that several teachers will not be returning to school next year. Claire Scribner, Andrea Martin, Odette Kugler, Paul Shallers, and Joel Hager will all […]

Recent News

Ping Pong Balls and the NBA

As professional athletes get younger and quicker, building through the college ranks becomes increasingly necessary.  Within the NBA specifically, college athletes can make their jump to the pros after one year being squashed under the boots of the NCAA.  If they’re picked within the first thirty picks, they are maintained under the rookie scale contract […]

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MFS Timeline

The 2013-2014 year at MFS has been fun-filled and busy. Here is a timeline recap with pictures of this year’s events.

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Seniors Leaving Home

The pin map on the senior bulletin board shows us that most seniors graduating this year are not going far away from home. While going to a distant college is exciting, the new culture and climate makes it a big change.  For the few who decided to go this route, it was a difficult decision […]

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“Check Your Privilege?” No!

Note: This article is the con position of a point-counterpoint.  To read Edward Gelernt’s pro position, click here. Tal Fortgang, a Princeton University student, recently published an article in TIME entitled “Why I’ll Never Apologize For My White Male Privilege.”  It highlights a very real and dangerous issue in our society: the degradation of people […]

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