Marvel Mania

On October 28, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige excited fans across the globe by revealing so-called Phase 3 of the Marvel cinematic plan.  Phase 3 is going to be made up of nine movies including Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Avengers: Civil War.  The release dates have Marvel fans marking their calendars all the […]

Ebola Doesn’t Scare Barb

The Ebola virus has recently excited great fear due to its outbreak in West Africa this summer.  Although the disease is awful when one contracts the virus, Moorestown Friends Science Department Chair Barbara “Barb” Kreider, with whom WordsWorth discussed the topic, believes the virus has been “hyped” up in our country: “Our news media…is using […]

Changes in the Nurses’ Office

Changes in the nurses’ office have caused confusion and frustration among MFS students, especially those who are frequent visitors.  In previous years, visitors were offered a cough drop, or maybe a pack of crackers.  However, things have changed, and the nurses are no longer allowed to provide such handouts. New regulations determining how nurses’ offices […]

MFS at the UN

On Friday, October 10th, Moorestown Friends School junior Margaux Vellucci performed a piano piece at the United Nations. The United Nations promotes The International Day of the Girl (IDG), which is a movement focused on promoting the rights of girls all around the world, as well as getting together to “highlight, discuss, celebrate and ultimately […]

“There’s Holes in my Walls!”

Full disclosure: Debra Galler is one of two faculty advisers for WordsWorth For 229 years, Moorestown Friends school has upheld its prestigious reputation and academic standing with high-level faculty, a selective admissions process and a unique Quaker community.  Hand-in-hand with its core values are a tight knit school community and a variety of options from […]

Viral Paranoia

Ed Said: Edward Gelernt’s comments on the world This week: Ebola More Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola. Yes, it’s a virus.  Yes, its fatality rate is about 50 percent, perhaps higher in this particular outbreak.  But will it kill you?  That depends on a few factors: do you […]

Profitable Corruption: The NFL

It appears that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not particularly good at his job.  This, unfortunately, is not news to anyone.  The backlash Goodell has been subjected to isn’t the first whiff of disapproval the NFL’s commissioner of eight years, or even the NFL as a whole, has caught.  Two summers ago, 61 percent of […]

Agenda Recap 10/20/14

This week, Agenda Committee discussed the raising prices for food such as sandwiches, bagels and vending machines.  Director of Finance and Operations Lisa Carbone-Warren sent an email explaining why costs have increased, responding that an increase in product quality has yielded the price hike.  The topic of broken vending machines was brought up, and the […]

#RE2PECT: Derek Jeter’s Legacy

Of course, it ended with drama.  Of course, it ended with flair.  Of course, it ended with clutch. Derek Jeter’s iconic career in the Bronx couldn’t have ended more fittingly than with a walk-off single to right from the king of the inside-out single to right, in his last home game. That single may be […]

Flyers Season Predictions

After a long off-season, the Philadelphia Flyers and the NHL season are back. One of the favorite sports teams in the Delaware Valley, the Flyers are saddled with high expectations every season. The question remains: will they live up to expectations this year? This year’s team is very similar to last year’s. The Flyers did […]

Recent News

Shrek: Beauty or Ogre of a Musical?

Grab your torches and your pitchforks,  it’s time to see Shrek!  It is one of the most fun and memorable movies of our childhood, but just how will this classic flick transfer to the stage?  The talented actors at MFS are putting on Shrek, The Musical–but pulling this one off will be no fairy tale. […]

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MFS and Fall TV

While exciting new shows such as How To Get Away With Murder are premiering this fall, MFS students are truly excited to see brand new seasons from their old favorites. WordsWorth got a few students’ takes on why these returning shows continue to be great. Perennial favorite South Park, the often crude yet always wickedly […]

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New Teachers at MFS

Another year at MFS has begun, and the gaps left by last year’s outgoing teachers have been filled by many new faces illuminating the hallways and classrooms. Among this year’s new faculty is Katie Stutz, who served as a long-term substitute last year for Mrs. Galler.  She graduated from MFS in 2009 and has since […]

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Agenda Recap 10/14/14

Agenda Committee discussed many topics in its most recent meeting, one of which was the return of Chinese Culture Club, which was canceled in the middle of last year due to a lack of participation.  This year’s new club leadership that hopes to have a more successful year. Chinese Culture Club is not the only […]

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