Foo Fighters Make “Something from Nothing”

On November 10, 2014, the eighth studio album from the iconic American rock band the Foo Fighters will become available worldwide. Sonic Highways, a “love letter to the history of American music,” as the Foo Fighters themselves said on their website, has been in the works since 2013.

This album is quite unique. Grohl said in a 2013 interview that “we are going to make this album in a way that no-one’s ever done before and we’re pretty excited about it.” On October 12, a trailer was released, outlining a new HBO series that will accompany the album for promotional purpose. For each of the eight new songs, there will be a corresponding  episode that details the writing and recording process of that song. Each song is focused on a city and the local legends it holds.

The first episode aired October 17, with a special focus on Chicago. “Basically, the process is we come to a city and we spend a week and we start recording an instrumental, because I interview all of these different musicians from that city,” said Grohl. Next, Grohl writes his lyrics based on the interviews from the musicians in that city. The first single from the album, Something From Nothing, was released a day before its episode aired. The Foo Fighters credit many other artists as influences in the writing of this single, ranging from Steve Albini, producer of Nirvana’s third album, to Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen.

The second single, “The Feast and the Famine,” was released October 24, the same day episode 2 of the Sonic Highways series aired. It took place in Washington, D.C. this time, which happens to be Grohl’s own home turf.

The next five episodes air every Friday, leading up to the final episode on December 5. Future cities visited include famous recording studios in Nashville and Los Angeles, as well as New York, Austin, and New Orleans. “Mostly we wanted to pick cities that meant something to us, so there’s Seattle, where Dave made the first Foo Fighters record plus his history with Nirvana,” guitarist Pat Smear said.

Since the last album from the Foo Fighters was released all the way back in 2011, fans are excited for the mountain new music, clocking in at just over 44 minutes of tunes. With new tour dates and surprise concerts to come, it will be an eventful year for the Foos and their fans alike.


MFS Girls – Soccer Champs!


The Moorestown Friends girls soccer team is the 2014 NJSIAA Non-Public B South champion!  After an outstanding 5-0 performance over Gil St. Bernard at Holmdel High School in the sectional final Thursday night, the Foxes clinched the first sectional championship in school history. With goals from freshmen Kieran Lees and Alyssa Runyan along with a hat trick from senior striker Vanessa Kara, the Foxes cruised to a title.

“Winning the sectional title was especially amazing because of our team chemistry. Over the course of the season we have really become a family. We played that game for each other, and our game plan on Sunday is the same, believe in this team and play with all heart.” said Kara.

Foxes’ goalie Gaelyn Gregory had five saves and shut out the opposition.

“The team played really well, we stepped it up, and that led to a great result,” said Gaelyn.  “It was amazing to get the first championship for girl’s soccer at MFS, and it was great to do something like this for the school. It was really fun. I loved it.”

Her sister Katie has also played a huge role for the Foxes this year.

“We played for ourselves, and we played for each other,” Katie said regarding the girls’ effort.

Starting left defender Nia Francis was thrilled with the team’s effort on Thursday night.

“This team is the closest group of girls I’ve ever been a part of. We all really bonded this season, which shows on the soccer field. Our performance on Thursday was the best this season, especially in the second half. In the last 40 minutes we managed to score four goals and only give up about two shots. Now we’re focusing on Sunday’s game and even though I’m pretty nervous, I think we can definitely take this next challenge.”

The Foxes look to end this unforgettable season on a high note, as they take on Villa Walsh in the NJSIAA Non-Public B state championship at Kean University on Sunday at 10:00 AM.


Spirit Week Update: Friday

Seniors earned first in airband, with juniors following behind and sophomores and freshmen taking third and fourth, respectively.

For the first time in the last two decades and perhaps the first time ever, the grades stacked up in reverse order, with the freshmen taking the crown, the sophomores and juniors placing behind them, and the seniors bringing up the rear.

Penny Game
On Thursday night, junior Eric Price, seeing the high-filled senior bucket and recognizing that the juniors could not win, dumped 25 pounds of pennies into the sophomores’ bucket to take potential points away from the seniors. The ploy worked even better than expected: the seniors came in last place in the Penny Game, with the sophomores, freshmen, and juniors in that order stacking up ahead of them.

Red and Blue Day
All grades tied for first in Red and Blue Day.

Deans’ Points
Deans’ points had the same result as Red and Blue Day, with all grades earning the same 50 points.

Final Results

1st Seniors
2nd Juniors
3rd Freshmen
4th Sophomores

Spirit Week Update: Thursday

The Eliminator
This year’s format for the competition was different from previous Spirit Weeks: instead of a one-round, four-team free-for-all, The Eliminator was held in four head-to-head rounds. The seniors and juniors knocked off the freshmen and sophomores, respectively, in the preliminary rounds, and the sophomores’ Spirit Week struggles continued as they fell to the freshmen in the consolation match.  The junior-senior final, perhaps the most thrilling Eliminator finish in recent memory, came down to the wire, with experienced senior David Golden riding the mini tricycle against first-timer Gaby Montes for the juniors.  In a stunning feat, Montes shattered all expectations, riding the trike with incredible finesse and leaving Golden in the dust.  How did she do it?  To paraphrase Montes, “sometimes when I’m bored at home I ride around on a tricycle.”
Spirit Week: a time for discovering the strangest talents that no one knew people could even have.

Hallway Time Lapses

Score after Day 4:
Seniors:             525
Juniors:              425
Freshmen:         362.5
Sophomores:     187.5


Spirit Week Update: Tuesday

Due to technical difficulties, only the consolation and championship matches were recorded. In preliminary matches, the seniors beat the freshmen in both boys and girls, and junior girls and boys both knocked off their sophomore counterparts.

Score after Day 2:
Seniors:             450
Juniors:               325
Freshmen:         312.5
Sophomores:    162.5


Spirit Week Update: Monday

Freshman Will Kimberly earned first place in Monday's Jello Eating event

Boys slimy fish toss: Sophomores Dozier Coles and Olivier Bastien were eliminated several rounds into the competition, followed closely by freshmen Vishal Doshi and Surya Reddy.  Juniors Matt Mullock and Alex Ounjian and seniors CJ Eni and Joe Beideman remained neck-in-neck for many more rounds as the distance between teammates and intensity among the crowd increased.  Finally, Mullock’s throw to Ounjian fell well short, but Eni’s throw to Beideman faced the same fate, yielding a junior-senior tie.

Girls slimy fish toss: Juniors Gaelyn and Katie Gregory failed to connect on the second throw, and sophomores Katy Repholz and Camille Aguilar followed suit on the same toss.  Freshmen Charlotte Stern and Alexis Watson and seniors Sarah Henig and Vanessa Kara continued to battle until Stern’s throw landed far in front of Watson.  As Henig’s throw soared in the air, Kara dashed toward it and made a valiant dive, cradling the fish and holding it up in the air triumphantly to signal victory.  However, event judges agreed that the fish touched the ground before Kara got to it, declaring that the senior and freshman girls tied for first place.

Jello Eating: Freshman William Kimberly (pictured above) stunned the Upper School with a dazzling performance, stealing first place and giving the freshmen one of their most successful Mondays in the history of Spirit Week.  Senior veteran CJ Eni followed with a strong second place finish, followed by his brother Dylan, a junior.  Sophomore Takdeer Sidhu could not finish his tin of Jello.

Score after Day 1:
Freshmen:        237.5
Seniors:             225
Juniors:              175
Sophomores:   87.5


Spirit Week Predictions

Boys SFT Girls SFT Jello Eating Boys TOW Girls TOW Eliminator
Freshmen 3rd 4th 4th 4th 4th 4th
Sophomores 4th 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd
Juniors 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd
Seniors 2nd 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st


Boys’ Slimy Fish Toss: The juniors will take this one straight up.  I am fairly confident in this prediction because Alex Ounjian and Matthew Mullock, last year’s champions, are returning after winning fairly easily last year.  The seniors will place second this year because partners Cj Eni and Joe Beideman have won it in the past, and have plenty of experience in the event. I think the freshman could make a run in this event because of how poorly the sophomores performed last year, dropping the lubricated shark after only one throw. Sorry sophomores, freshmen will take third place, and you will be in last.

Girls’ Slimy Fish Toss: Because this is a new event, it is very hard to predict the outcome. Based solely on each grade’s female athletes, I think the seniors will win; they have both quality and quantity of athletes.  Second and third are toss-ups.  Because this is new for everyone, I cannot judge based on experience, so it doesn’t really matter what grade you are in.  Unjustly, I will give the freshmen last because I don’t know how athletic most of you are and how you perform under pressure.  From there, because the juniors will have a special twin chemistry in the event, with Katie and Gaelyn Gregory competing, I think the juniors may have an edge over the sophomores, and therefore will take second place.

Jello Eating: CJ Eni, a senior, won the event last year. Based on this information, you’d think that this would be a very easy decision, but there is a wild card. That wild card is a first time Jello-eating competitor in junior Dylan Eni, brother of CJ. No one really knows how he is going to perform, but if he has any bit of the ability that CJ has, the competition could get interesting. Because CJ is a proven eater, and has plenty of experience in the spotlight, I still think he will win, but as it usually is, the competition will come down to the wire. Sorry underclassmen, I think the Enis will separate themselves and the sophomores and freshmen will be left in their dust, to take third and fourth.

Boys’ Tug of War: This year’s Boys’ tug of war will be a battle. Last year, the seniors won the event, with the class of 2014 coming in second, the juniors coming in third, and the sophomores bringing up the rear. This year, the competition is up for grabs. I say this because the juniors, last year, were outweighed by the freshmen by fifty pounds and still managed to beat them. With a heavier, and stockier crew, the juniors can challenge the seniors for the title. Since I haven’t heard of freshmen ever doing particularly well in this event, I’m not expecting them to place higher than third. I do think the seniors will ultimately win because of how competitive and strong they have proven to be. The juniors will take second, leaving the sophomores third, and the freshmen fourth.

Girls’ Tug of War: This event is not going to be as close. The senior girls, who have won the last two years, will win the event handily this year. They have too much strength and athleticism for other girls to compete with. The juniors will come in second, and the sophomores and freshmen will place third and fourth, in that order. The juniors are undoubtedly stronger than the underclassmen, and I am giving the sophomore girls the benefit of the doubt for them to beat the freshmen.

Eliminator: This year’s Eliminator will surely be another thrilling event. The seniors, who as juniors won it last year, have experience, talent, and a virtuoso mini-tricyclist in David Golden which will surely help them return to the winner’s circle. The juniors will place second partly because the class of 2017 didn’t really show much last year, and also because they have done okay in the past until faced with the tricycle. The freshmen will place in last. Hopefully this event will take place inside the BOG again because being indoors added more energy, and noise, to create an electrifying atmosphere.


iPhone 6 Review

Photo courtesy of flickr user Tom 謝明勳

On September 19th, 2014, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released. I ordered the former on October 18th, and it took about a week to come in the mail. Before I got my phone, I had to go through the ordering process. Apple’s website is often criticized for poor customer service, sometimes unbearably slow due to the website’s high traffic. However, it took a mere thirty minutes to choose a phone, order it, pay for it, and begin the shipping process.

When my phone finally arrived, I was shocked. I have had an iPhone 4, and the difference in size was seemingly astronomical. An iPhone 4 screen is 4.3 x 3.3 inches, whereas my new iPhone 6 is a whopping 6.2 x 3 inches. As I had imagined, everything on the screen was much clearer and easier to see.

Next, I tried out my new camera. My pictures turned out beautifully, with a resolution and clarity that made them look both gorgeous and, more importantly, professional. The camera also came with many brand-new tools and devices for editing photographs right on the phone. The iPhone 6 camera can give just as good results as a Canon or Nikon.

The most significant difference between the 6 and its predecessors was the lock button’s new location on the side of the phone. It took a few days for me to get used to turning it off that way, and it was a bit difficult to screenshot things when the button is in the position that it is.The only other complaint I have is about the phone’s overly high sensitivity. I have accidentally sent people pictures and voice recordings multiple times.

On the messaging screen, there is a little button for pictures and audio recordings that triggers the phone to automatically record and send a message to the last person texted. While this feature is hypothetically useful, I’ve found that it leads to as many garbled accidents as intentionally sent messages.

Other than that, I am extremely pleased with my new phone. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and if you can adjust to a few new features, you will love the iPhone 6.


New Pizza on Main Street

Third is the one with the treasure chest–at least that’s what Antonio Carollo is hoping.

Moorestown Main Street currently features two Italian pizzerias, Passariello’s and La Vita’s. A long-standing debate exists among MFS students and the Moorestown community at large regarding which shop is better. Another wrinkle will be added to the dispute in just a few months as Carollo, owner of Carollo’s Family Restaurant in Franklinville, throws his hat into the ring, opening his own pizza palace.

Carollo’s will be about a block away from MFS in the direction of the Wells Fargo bank, between Workmen’s and Bacio Catering. Formerly home to Burleigh’s Paint and Paper, the building is currently undergoing an almost complete remodeling, courtesy of a half-million dollar investment by its owner. After an interior overhaul, the building will undergo a 250-square-foot extension to the rear of the 997-square-foot space to make room for outdoor seating, along with the installation of a canopy.

The restaurant will feature brick-oven-cooked pizza for eat in as well as takeout, along with other Italian dishes, a menu similar to that of his Franklinville restaurant.

Carollo hopes construction will be finished by the winter holidays but is still unsure. The restaurant is planned to open this summer.


Halloween Costumes that Went Too Far

The most persistent, widespread, lethal outbreak of the Ebola virus in human history is currently ongoing in West Africa. With a reported fatality rate of 71 percent in the region, the virus has spread from Guinea to Liberia and Sierra Leone and killed nearly 5,000 people in its path. So naturally, as Americans, we decided to make a joke out of it.

Photo courtesy of Fox News
           Photo courtesy of Fox News

Exhibit A: a “sexy Ebola containment suit”, worn by a model in half of a hazmat uniform. This wouldn’t be the United States if we didn’t make a disease that disrupts the function of major organs sexy.

There has to be a point where we draw the line. I draw it here. Stop trying to profit from a deadly disease, please.

Photo courtesy of Good Morning America
Photo courtesy of Good Morning America

Exhibit B: Men had the Ebola option, too. They could have worn a full hazmat suit and a gas mask for 80 dollars. That’s right – you had the option of disrespecting several thousands of victims with distasteful garb for just 80 dollars on Halloween night.

Over 3500 miles to the Northeast in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, commonly known as ISIS, continues to terrorize religious minorities, the religiously indifferent and just about everyone who doesn’t see eye-to-eye with them. They publicly execute, crucify and torture Shia muslims and christians of all ages.

Some Americans dressed up as ISIS militants and made the Ebola costumes look tame.

Photo courtesy of Twitter @Skinny215
Photo courtesy of Twitter @Skinny215


Photo courtesy of Instagram @fadazed
Photo courtesy of Instagram @fadazed

How adorable, an ISIS couple. This redefines ‘distasteful’.

These are just a handful of the worst. Some dressed up as the late Joan Rivers, who passed away last month, while other incorrigibles went as Malaysian Airlines, which recently lost a flight. In a bizarre case of bad parenting, a couple even dressed their baby up as a cigarette.

America: always classy.