2015-16 Class Officers Finalized

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The class officers for the 2015-2016 MFS school year are listed below.

Class of 2016
President: Alexis Tsapralis
Vice President: David Borne
Secretary: Zachary Day
Treasurer: Marirose Aleardi

Class of 2017
President: Isaac Muñoz
Vice President: Julia Giordano
Secretary: John Barton
Treasurer: Hunter Harris

Class of 2018
President: Libby Meyer
Vice President: Ian Millstein
Secretary: Caroline Cook
Treasurer: Sujin Kim

This year, instead of filling out paper ballots in advisor, students cast their votes via Google Forms. “[Online voting] makes [the process] just a lot smoother,” said Dean of Students Mike Brunswick about the new system. “It makes it more like a real election, and takes a lot of the stress off of the advisors to collect the votes, and then to send them to me.”

Even with the strict 9 PM deadline, voting turnout was not significantly lower than usual. “Probably five or six students per grade, less than ten percent, didn’t vote,” said Brunswick.

Because of the success of the new online system, it is likely that this will be the process moving forward.

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