3.14.15 Excitement Builds for "Super Pi Day"

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The excitement preceding Pi Day this year has not only come from the MFS Math Department. The holiday commemorates the mathematical constant, approximately 3.1415, on March 14, represented as 3.14. This year’s celebration has been deemed “Super Pi Day,” as inclusion of the two-digit year in the date makes this year’s holiday 3.14.15, a continuation of the number’s decimal places. Many students are enthusiastic as the big day approaches. Junior Margaux Vellucci says, “[It’s] very cool that it will be on 3.14.15. I’m taking the SAT at 9:26 and I will think at that time ‘Super Pi Day!’” Seniors Megan Le and Jason Woloshin com “That’s wild. Personally, it’s my senior year and I get to celebrate one of the most quintessential holidays of American history.” Because this year’s Pi Day falls on a Saturday, the MFS festivities took place the preceding Friday, March 13.

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