A Fresh Take On The Freshmen Survey Reveals Habits and Opinions of the Upper School’s Youngest Students

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“Can everyone hear my stomach rumble?”

“Wow, this is an interesting building.”

“What time is it?”

These are just a few of the thoughts that run through the minds of the newest crop of MFS freshmen during Meeting for Worship on Wednesdays. In a survey given to the freshmen class, they were asked a few questions about both new and old activities happening this year. From Meeting For Worship every Wednesday, which freshmen admitted is an easy time to get distracted, to all of the new food options, which many considered the biggest perk of high school, the Class of 2020 has a lot to say about their new lives as Upper Schoolers.

Another pressing question on the Freshman survey asked about Friday’s lunch. Here are the results:


Roughly 67 percent of the students who voted would rather buy a pizza than a panzarotti. At least now the 33 percent of panzarotti lovers know that the dining hall isn’t likely to run out on Fridays!

Speaking of Fridays, how was the first Oreo Friday of the year? Sadly, a lot of people missed it for away games, but the people who were there loved it. Many played it safe and stuck to the original kind, but a big favorite was Mega Stuf. Keep it up Mr. Brandon!
The next question on the survey also involved food: What is your favorite snack to take from the Upper School office? The most popular snack was Jolly Ranchers, but the responses were all over the map. Stopping at the Upper School office is a popular thing to do in the ten minute break, so you can think about going there the next time you are free.


Lunchtime is students’ most constant source of free time during the school day, and the freshmen spend it at many different locations. The most popular place may seem obvious: the dining hall. But, a lot of people like to sit outside, enjoying the weather and perhaps the chance to meet new people outside of their normal lunch table. Although clubs were a lower choice on the chart, they are still a great way to meet more people, including upperclassmen; clubs with mostly older members always welcome freshmen with open arms.
WordsWorth thanks all of the Class of 2020 for their participation in this survey; we wish them luck as they continue to adjust to life in the Upper School.

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