A Gaggle of Geese Chasers Geese Chasers Keeping MFS Fields Clear

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Thanks to an elite group of brave souls, fewer geese now roam the MFS fields to terrorize little children and defecate on their shoes.

Geese Chasers LLC has been servicing MFS for the last 3 years. Founded in 1999, Geese Chasers LLC specializes in the removal of Canadian geese from municipal properties, entire communities, golf courses, country clubs, as well as commercial plots. The Geese Chasers use 30 border Collie dogs which mimic the arctic fox, a natural predator of Canadian geese, thus teaching the Canadian geese to not return to a property. The dogs can effectively remove geese from a property in a very short amount of time. From the time the door is opened to let the dogs out of the car to the time when the fields are left entirely geese-free, it often takes no more than two minutes. The way the Border Collies stalk the geese causes the birds no physical harm yet still trains them to stay away.

The main trouble with the geese is the feces they leave behind. When they go, they go everywhere, until the property is practically uninhabitable. One of the many representatives will drive to a property with one or two dogs, and then let the Border Collies out of the car to chase the Geese. This process happens twice a day for each property. After a month and a half of vigorous property clearing, the geese learn to stay away from that property.

The Geese Chasers train Border Collies, with older dogs training the younger ones to mimic Arctic Foxes and chase geese without causing harm. A property with rampant geese sees a substantial decrease in the birds’ population after just two weeks of dog treatment, as repeatedly demonstrated by the company.

WordsWorth interviewed Kyle Young, an employee of the Geese Chasers, who has happily worked with them for many years. He says it is a quick process to clear the fields, and that he himself usually completes many properties per week. These properties consist of schools, workplaces, golf courses, or even private yards. The Geese Chasers have been doing their part to clear the nuisance of Canadian geese, allowing MFS teams to play in the fields without stepping into a sticky situation.

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