A Moorestown Friends School Student’s Dream Come True: A Vending Machine in Hartman Hall?

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Hartman Hall has become an integral part of our school’s campus. The environmentally friendly and completely green building houses the Moorestown Friends School’s math department, choir room, and its long walk. The one thing that could possibly make this building more liked would obviously be a vending machine.

Rumors of whether or not a vending machine will be placed in Hartman Hall have been circulating throughout the school community for some time now. Hartman Hall has been part of this campus for almost a year, yet there is still no vending machine for students and faculty alike to enjoy. “When Hartman Hall was constructed, there was a space specifically put aside for a vending machine,” said Upper School math teacher, Michael Omilian. “The space is next to where the elevator is on the top floor.”

Omilian said he has already brought this issue to the surface more than once. “I’ve asked Mr. Kimberly a couple of times when the vending machine is going to be put in place.” Kimberly has already taken the issue to the administrative council of Moorestown Friends. “They were working with I guess whoever is running the cafeteria program to replace one of the vending machines in the Field House Commons with a new one and put the old one here,” Omilian stated.

Students can look forward to a new addition to Hartman Hall, but it is unknown when this change will occur. “When that’s going to happen, I hope that’s sooner than later.”

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