A New Piece O’Pizza: Dining Hall to Keep Passariello’s Through End of School Year

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Passariello’s pizza is here to stay in the MFS Dining Hall. Healthy Foods by Choice, the company in charge of the school’s food, plans to keep Passariello’s as the supplier for every Friday ‘Pizza Day’ throughout the rest of the school year, after a resounding success on Friday, April 22, the first day the new pizza was served.
“The response was overwhelming. We usually serve fifty pizzas, but on Friday [April 22] we served seventy,” said Dining Hall Manager Kimberly Watson. The week of the 22nd was the first full week Watson had in her new position.

The restaurant Healthy Garden was previously the provider for MFS’s pizza.

“I don’t eat it because it’s bad, and the cheese is like Laffy Taffy,” commented Andrea Kinzler (‘16) for a previous story regarding the Healthy Garden pizza.

When asked about why Passariello’s was selected Watson commented with a laugh, “They were local, and weren’t too expensive, to be honest.” She added that she received emails from both teachers and students with nothing but high praise for the quality of the new pizza.

“The only reason I bought the pizza was to support the cause [of the Passariello’s change],” said WordsWorth staffer David Borne. He went on to say that he will continue to buy the pizza in future.   

There was a bit of a wait for the pizza, due in large part to the increased demand for the novelty. Upper School Students waited for upwards of forty-five minutes for a new delivery of pizza.

“Once we got to the Upper School … [the students] were getting three pieces [per person]. We had allotted for one slice each for the Lower School and two slices for the Middle and Upper Schools,” said Watson.

While the new pizza choice has been a resounding success and will continue for the rest of the 2015-2016 school year, the decision of whether or not to continue serving Passariello’s next year has not yet been made.

According to Watson, the Dining Hall will be prepared for the bigger demand this Friday.

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