A Slippery Slope Dangerous Ice on MFS Campus

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It may be a slippery slope fallacy to say so, but at the rate things are going, the entire state of New Jersey will soon be one huge block of ice.

The 2014-15 winter may have started off slowly, but the second half is proving to be a winter worthy of the name, with everything from snow to sleet to freezing rain terrorizing innocent New Jerseyans statewide. And while the weather outside may be frightful, the process of getting inside is anything but delightful.

The combination of snow, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures has led to a dangerous accumulation of snow on the streets, making travel difficult for Moorestown Friends students and faculty. Unfortunately, the problem is not over once they get to school. The school Maintenance Staff has done a truly exemplary job of vigilantly salting areas with the potential to become icy, such as the parking lots and sidewalks, to the point where more often than not, the ice is gone before students ever have to deal with it. But sometimes the northeast winter is simply too much to handle, with ice constantly freezing the asphalt well into March.

Furthermore, the difficulty of keeping the path to Hartman Hall, a problem the school community has only had to face in the last couple of years, adds another level of hardship to the icy problem. Students have faced special difficulty in getting to their classes in Hartman Hall in a timely, safe fashion. Sophomore Jackson Blanchard complained, “I’m stuck between slipping on the path or stepping off the path into the snow. It’s a no-win scenario.”

The ice may seem to be catastrophic now, but MFS students can cling to the hope that spring will come, and the ice will melt. Until then, take care to stay firmly stuck to the ground.

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