A Sticky Situation: Confusion of Rules Leads to Jello Eating Call Reversal

Dean of Students Mike Brunswick announced at Meeting For Worship Wednesday morning that the freshmen would be demoted from third to fourth place for the Jello Eating competition, due to their coach rotating the tray for their Jello eater. Brunswick cited that he had “photographic proof.” However the photo, pictured below, does not tell the entire story, WordsWorth has uncovered.

Aerial video (posted above; note – the drone footage has no audio, and on-the-ground footage audio is garbled due to noise from the crowd) from the event shows math teacher Sarah Kelly pointing toward freshman participant Chase Eni with a circular motion. Kelly then tapped freshman coach Carrington Mizelle, pointed toward the pan and made a circular motion. Seconds later, Brunswick calls 3rd place for the Freshman.

Upon reviewing the aerial footage, Brunswick said the “call still stands,” because he had told the coaches and participants no touching of the pan was allowed before the event began.

“Regardless of what Ms. Kelly [told the freshmen], I still said nobody can touch the pan at the beginning,” Brunswick told WordsWorth.

Mizelle thought that he “was in the right because a teacher told [him] to [rotate the pan]” and that Brunswick’s call was “bold.”

Kelly, when asked about the situation, had no comment.

The call reversal grants the 50 points for third place to the Sophomores, while the Freshman receive 25 points for fourth place.

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By Andrew Rowan & Chloe Jones

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