Access for All Ramp Added to MFS Dining Hall

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Moorestown Friends has always prided itself on being a welcoming community, but this year, the school finally got a whole lot more accessible. The newly built ramp outside the Dining Hall Commons (DHC) has fulfilled a much-needed promise to make the school more handicap-accessible.

The new walkway, running from the DHC down to the entrance of Stokes Hall, was built this past summer. The ramp begins on the side of the dining hall, and is designed to make it easy for anyone in a wheelchair or on crutches to enter the school; before, the only real way to get into Stokes Hall was via the steps, which are impossible for someone in a wheelchair to use.

WordsWorth reporters Ewan Larkin and Dylan Carilli tested how long it takes to get from the DHC to Stokes Hall using the new ramp, and found it to be only roughly forty seconds. Previously, a wheelchair-bound individual would have had to go around the oval to the Field House and taken an elevator, a 4-5 minute trip. This time-saving convenience measure will not only help injured or handicapped students, but also grandparents visiting the school on Grandparents Day or for other events such as sports games and play productions. With all of the summer’s renovations, the MFS campus has only been getting better, and thanks to the new ramp, now anyone can enjoy it.

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