Agenda Recap 10/20/14

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This week, Agenda Committee discussed the raising prices for food such as sandwiches, bagels and vending machines.  Director of Finance and Operations Lisa Carbone-Warren sent an email explaining why costs have increased, responding that an increase in product quality has yielded the price hike.  The topic of broken vending machines was brought up, and the machines will soon be fixed so that students do not lose money.

A Spanish Club was proposed and approved by agenda.  It is a club that will enhance students’ Spanish-speaking ability and their knowledge about the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.  The club will also enjoy native dishes from Spanish-speaking countries.

Finally, Erin Chen proposed bringing back a video game club.  Unlike EA Sports Club, which plays only sports video games, Chen’s Gaming Club will play largely Mario games, such as Super Smash Bros. and MarioKart.

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