Ahead of his Time Freshman Submits AP Art Portfolio

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Robie Driscoll has proven himself a truly impressive young artist.

Driscoll, a freshman, submitted an AP 3D Design portfolio for the 2014-15 school year. Although AP courses are not available to freshmen, Driscoll found no problem in completing his work outside of class time. Unlike the students enrolled in the course, who have been working on art since September, Driscoll began working on his portfolio a mere three months ago.

Driscoll picked “line and linear exploration” as the focus for his artwork. “I’m so glad to be done; it was really stressful,” said Driscoll regarding his portfolio.

Teachers have begun to notice his work as well. “His work is amazing,” commented Upper School Director Justin Brandon. “Robie has a great vision and he clearly has a great sense of what he wants to do. His concentration is extremely impressive, and shows how talented he is.”

“Robie has a good eye for design,” said Studio Art teacher Michael Webster. “He’s very good at manipulating materials to make interesting objects. His portfolio turned out very good, and phenomenal for a freshman.”

See Driscoll’s artwork here.

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