Are Key Cards Doing the Job?

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Since the announcement from administration stating that students must pay $10 for a replacement in the event of a lost key card, many MFS students have raised concerns. The cards have made it possible for students to travel to and from Hartman Hall, while keeping the school buildings safe, but it is possible that the $10 fee may counteract the safety enforced by the cards.


Junior Andrew Edzenga will not buy a new key card if he loses the one he currently has. “It’s ten dollars,” he said, “it’s not worth it.” If a student loses his key card and does not buy a new one, it is impossible for the administration to know to deactivate the card.


Assistant Head of School Chris Kimberly spoke about what happens when a student loses a key card and does not notify the administration to deactivate it.  “If we know it’s lost,” he explained, “we contact the security company and deactivate the key card.” He continued to explore the drawbacks of failing to report a lost card: “You could have somebody drop it on Main street and have a stranger pick it up.”  However, Kimberly also pointed out that “the key cards don’t identify what they pertain to.”  It is true that the key cards are blank, aside from the P.O. box to which they may be returned if found. This means that a stranger would not know, unless previously told, that the card can give them access to MFS buildings.

For the future, Kimberly says the administration is discussing how to make the system work better. Possible solutions include deactivating the key cards or having students punch codes into the already existent keypads.  But, as of yet, there is no set plan for the future of the key cards.

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