Ceramics Mural Project

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Yesterday was the start of the Ceramics Mural, which is the kick-off to the Community Vision 2020 project.  WordsWorth will be updating the gallery below to show the mural’s progress over time. Photos taken by Maura Aleardi

Icy Roads Disrupt Traffic

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  “I almost died,” Morgan Sloan told WordsWorth.  “I was going into a stop sign and I didn’t know there was so much ice, I skidded forward and almost got hit.” “It was scary,” Tyler Mills said.  “I was going … Continued

The Date or No Date Debate

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Leading up to Snowball last Friday, there was a lot of conversation about dates. MFS alumnus Katie Stutz recalled going to Snowball when she was a student. “I went with friends, just a big group of girls together, taking pictures … Continued

Staff Spotlight: Megumi Kanada

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As another school year begins, we have once again said goodbye to our departed faculty and welcomed new faces. Among those is Megumi Kanada, who is succeeding Patricia Diehm as Upper School Administrative Assistant. This is Kanada’s first time working … Continued