Baseball Controversy

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In the quarter-final game of the NJSIAA Non-Public B South baseball tournament, Rutgers Prep took an 8-0 lead into the seventh inning, in which they would tack on 6 more runs. On the scoreboard, the inning changed to reflect this progression.

The score did not.

Prep’s pitcher and five-hole hitter PJ Strahm hit a grand slam with two outs to extend the lead to 14-0. As he came around the base paths, Strahm strutted at a leisurely pace, taking plenty of time to round the diamond. His strut slowed to a near-walk as he came halfway to home plate.

This was much to the ire of the Foxes, who promptly began screaming through the fence. Coach Obermeier demanded “sportsmanship,” and Coach Cotter demanded that the umpire “enforce [the sportsmanship]” they had discussed before the game. “You’re up 14-0, stop showing off!” exclaimed Obermeier.

Foxes pitcher and second baseman Adam Quaranta characterized the act as “classless” and “obnoxious.”

The home plate umpire promptly asked the MFS coaches to settle down. They obliged, but not before making sure their thoughts were heard by both the umpires and the opposing coaches and players.

Coach Obermeier, infuriated by the unnecessary boasting, told his players not to change the score on the scoreboard to reflect the 7th inning runs by Prep. The board read 8-0 for the remainder of the game.

Coach Obermeier’s philosophy is to ensure that his players demonstrate good sportsmanship, regardless of the situation. He frequently mentions worrying only about “the things we can control,” but this particular out-of-control event was too egregious to let slide.

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