Big Brother is Watching You … Eat?

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Many students have mixed feelings about whether or not it’s reasonable for parents to go online to view their children’s daily lunch selections.

Along with other changes in the Dining Hall this year, there is also a new system that offers three payment options. The students can pay with cash, contract or a debit card.

The card allows students to pay by scanning their bar codes or by entering a pin number. Parents may register online, and once registered, they can deposit money onto the card.  They can also see a full list of what the child is buying each day.

Dining Hall director Lisa Marco said, “It’s a great line of communication for the parents to be aware of what their child is selecting as their food options on a daily basis.”

Junior Peter Bader doesn’t even use the card because he “[likes] to buy drinks”  and the card doesn’t allow students to buy from the vending machines. Unlike contract, however, students can use the card to purchase items from the snack shops in the Dining Hall.

Freshman Elyse Ryden uses the card and raised some concerns about the ability for parents to see when students buy lunch and when they don’t. She said, “my mom gives me a protein bar in the morning and if I eat it for lunch, she’ll assume I don’t eat.”

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