Breaking Yawn: A Twilight Movie Disappoints (Again)

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When I went to see the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 , I had hope for it. I had read the book and thought it was the best in the series, because it focused less on Bella and Edward Cullen’s relationship. The second half of the book was primarily about vampires from all over the world coming together to challenge the rule of the vampire’s leaders, the Volturi. This part of the book brought a much-welcomed change of pace from the beginning of the book which was all about the newly married Edward and Bella Cullen. But just like all the others, this movie ended up being a let down.

The movie skipped many important parts of the book and so, I imagine, viewers who had not read the book would be confused about many things that occurred. For example: why did the Cullens and their friends go camping in the middle of a field to meet the Volturi? Some one who had not read the book would unable to understand why this was happening.

At the end of the movie, there was a seemingly pivotal fight scene between the Cullens and the Volturi. The scene was detailed, lasted about twenty minutes, and was the most exciting part of the movie. The audience screamed and cried every time a character they loved died. The only problem with this scene was that it never happened. The scene never took place in the book and, in the movie, the fight turned out to be what Alice Cullen was imagining might happen between the Cullens and Volturi. Having a scene similar to this would have been fine if it had been much shorter. The fighting went on for so long that I really believed it was happening and was disappointed when I realized that none of it had taken place. Instead of a fight, the Volturi decided to leave peacefully and the movie had a “happily ever after” ending.

Overall, I thought the movie was overdramatic and rushed. Too much time was spent focusing on Edward and Bella, and I thought some scenes would be confusing to viewers who had never read the books. At least Kristin Stewart acted less awkwardly in this movie than in her others. Don’t waste your time or money seeing Breaking Dawn.

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