EDITORIAL: Too Many Clubs?

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Following this year’s club introduction assembly, many students noted the large number of clubs meeting this year. This caused some unrest among Upper Schoolers when certain clubs conflicted, preventing students from attending every meeting that they were interested in. Additionally, … Continued

On The Horn: Then and Now

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As the new editor-in-chief of MFS WordsWorth, I thought it only fitting that I continue the tradition of my late (read: graduated) predecessor, Ed Gelernt, in writing a monthly editorial column. While I can hardly hope to recreate the unique … Continued

The MFS Bubble and Me

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There is a shadow looming over MFS, ominous and inescapable. It starts small, as most great evils do: in the classroom, on the bulletin boards, and in the back of students’ throats, where certain words that long to be spoken … Continued