NFL Super Bowl 2017

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So, the Super Bowl has come and passed, and this year showed us one of the most impressive comebacks in perhaps all of sports history. Coming from behind after a tough first half to win it all in overtime, the … Continued

Girl’s Tennis Recap 2016

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“The future is looking very bright,” said MFS Girls Varsity tennis coach Mike Bodary.  “With only one senior, Jess Ferber, graduating this year, and with two freshman returning as singles players, we should be competitive for many years.” The Girl’s … Continued

2015 Winter Sports Preview

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SWIMMING Coach’s Corner “I want to win,” said new swim coach Bill Burris. A swimmer and product of Mount Laurel’s Larchmont Swim Club, Burris joins MFS with no previous coaching experience. However, he and assistant coach Allison Kural are determined … Continued

Tanking is the Way

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There’s no reason to jump off the bandwagon just because it’s being intentionally driven into the ground. Tanking, the process of building a team designed to lose in order to garner high draft picks, was brought to the forefront by … Continued

Chip Kelly: Genius or Madman?

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When a successful college coach find himself in an NFL gig and maneuvers his way into becoming the team’s sole decision maker, what happens? The answer: madness. Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, the “visionary” offensive mind who has won zero … Continued