Cha-Cha-Cha-CHIA MFS Teacher Builds "Chia House"

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MFS Science Department member Andrea Robinson is not only a biology teacher, but also an inventor. She made a “chia house” that is based on the same concept as the commercial Chia Pet, but she used her own method rather than the company’s. Robinson made the model house by putting chia seeds in sponges and then bending the sponge to emulate the shape of a house.

Robinson says, “This chia home is a replica of the earth house I want to live in one day”.  If Robinson’s wish comes true, then one day in the near future, not only will her house be unique, it will also help the earth by giving the planet more air.

Many people around the school were surprised and fascinated by the concept of a chia seed house, and were even more amazed when they saw a picture of it.  Ms. Applegate, who works in the business office, said “that’s a pretty neat invention.”  Mrs. Edmund said that she liked the idea because it’s “good for the environment.”  Even students were taken by the invention. Senior Adam Mohsen-Breen said, “I would love to live in a house made of chia seeds.”  Megan Le can even imagine herself living in a chia house and feeling “like a fairy princess.”

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