Champions League Soccer

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Champions League Soccer is an international club soccer league, where the teams who do best in the nation leagues compete for high stakes and exciting games. Currently the league is in the quarter finals, nearing the semis. On April 9, Real Madrid and Galatasaray faced off in a competitive match in which the winner would advance to the semi-finals. Galatasary had an outstanding comeback to beat Real Madrid 3-2. Advancing to the semis, Galatasary looked menacing with key players Didier Drogba and Wesley Sneijder, both of whom got a goal in the quarterfinal against Real Madrid. Played on the same day, Borussia Dortmund and Malaga faced off in one of the closest games of the Champions league. Borussia had two goals in the 91’ and 93’ minute (injury time) to seal the deal for their spot in the final four. With a lot of heart, smart players and good team chemistry, Borussia could be the “Rocky Balboa” story of the Champions league. Yet to play is PSG vs. Barcelona, and Bayern vs. Juventus. During their last match, PSG and Barcelona tied 2-2. However, with Messi recovering from a Hamstring injury and plausible to return, PSG has a strong chance to advance. Although PSG captain Thiago Silva has an small injury, he is expected to play against Barcelona. Although many spectators thought PSG was somewhat “lucky” to tie with Barcelona, this tournament has proven to be nothing but surprises. PSG hopes their home advantage can aid to them while facing Barca’s star studded squad. Juventus and Bayern were two of the most consistent teams throughout the whole tournament, maintaining their top placements throughout the entire event. Recently, Juventus has had a string of injuries to many of their top players, causing major concern for their lineup. However, they are known for having a very solid second team and will be at home makes for an exciting game. Bayern is the reigning Bundiss Liga champions, and with some of the strong German national players on the such including Muller and Schweinsteiger, they pose a threat. Frank Ribery, native to France and a historic player, is sure to add thought out plays from the offensive midfield. All in all, the endng to the Champions League Tournament will be an exciting one at least, so stay tuned!
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