Changes in the Nurses’ Office

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Changes in the nurses’ office have caused confusion and frustration among MFS students, especially those who are frequent visitors.  In previous years, visitors were offered a cough drop, or maybe a pack of crackers.  However, things have changed, and the nurses are no longer allowed to provide such handouts.

New regulations determining how nurses’ offices are run have banned cough drops, deeming them a choking hazard.

School nurse Janet Bader explained the new rule: “If we give out a cough drop, we must sit and observe the patient while they finish the drop because of its choking hazard.” Bader continued, “A patient could take as long as twenty to thirty minutes to dissolve a cough drop.  This would cause the nurses’ office to overcrowd, which is an additional reason why cough drops are no longer dispensed.”

Although a medical explanation to this change is provided, students still question the new rule.  Often a patient in the office, junior Anisha Pande said, “I am a little annoyed with the fact that we cannot get cough drops because a lot of us get sick during the school year, and cough drops are something that we should have access to through the nurses’ office.”

Another unpopular change in the nurses’ office has also garnered the spotlight.  In previous years, hungry students would stop in the nurses’ office and grab a pack or two of crackers.  The nurses’ office is no longer allowed to provide crackers to visitors.

Bader explained, “We are no longer allowed to supply crackers in the office because there should not be any food in an area where there is medicine and where sick students are being treated.”

Junior Margaux Vellucci, who said that she likes to stop by, have a small chat with the nurse, and grab a pack of crackers, is disappointed with the change.  Vellucci explained, “I often get hungry during the long day, and I look forward to eating a cracker or two because it does make a difference and tides me over until lunch.  I am a little sad that the nurses’ office is no longer allowed to hand out crackers, but I understand the reasoning for the change.”

Although the nurses are no longer permitted to hand out cough drops and crackers, students are encouraged to bring their own supply from home.  Despite these changes, MFS students continue to support and appreciate school nurses.

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