Choices Abound for Main Street Dining

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Whether it’s for a sandwich, pizza, or coffee, seniors continue to head uptown for food during lunch.  There are many options for dining on Main Street: Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Passariello’s, and La Vita’s are just a few. But which is the best? Senior Brett Eiffes said, “Well, if I have enough time my favorite place is Akira, but usually it’s the Cubby Hole. I really like their grilled cheese.” Out of twenty seniors polled, eight favor Passariello’s, four favor Akira, three favor La Vitas, two favor 7-Eleven, two favor the Cubby Hole, and one favors La Rosa.  “7-Eleven is easy and convenient, it has whatever I need,” said senior Colin Gregory (Full disclosure: Gregory is the writer’s brother). Although the cafeteria sells pizza every Friday afternoon, students will still go elsewhere, to restaurants like La Vitas.  Joe Kiernan usually goes there on Fridays and days that he does not have club activities. Kiernan likes it because, “It’s cheap, has New York style pizza which is my favorite, and they have a variety of options, which I enjoy.”

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