Fire Breaks Out at Moorestown Community House

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A fire broke out at the Moorestown Community House at approximately 5:00PM Tuesday, prompting immediate response from the Moorestown and other local surrounding fire departments.

Senior Travis Benedict was working on robotics in the Greenleaf when the fire broke out. “Before 5 we saw police cars pulling up.” At approximately 5:05 [senior Colin Kirby’s] mom came to pick him up. She came to the door and shouted, “There’s a fire next door, everybody get [out].” I walked outside and saw smoke billowing from the community house… [At] approximately 5:15 firefighters arrived.”

Tom McMorrow, a 23-year resident of Moorestown, lives right behind the Community House. “I came home from classes and saw a police car at the top of my street in the community house parking lot… I was shocked when I crested the hill and saw the entire roof billowing smoke! It hung thick in the air, and my eyes stung with tears as I shielded my face.”

Firefighters removed flagstone shingles from the roof of the building in an effort to control the fire. Most of the work was done by one fire truck in particular, though firefighters declined to comment on the situation. “I cannot answer any questions about [tonight’s] events,” said one fireman.

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Multiple fire departments were called to help put out the fire, and Main Street was closed to all traffic. “Hoses were snaked all over the street like big orange pythons,” commented McMorrow.

This is the second time in eight years that a Moorestown municipal building has caught fire. In 2007, Town Hall was shut down for years after a large fire ravaged the building, which has since been renovated and is now the town library. The Moorestown Fire Deparment could not be reached for comment regarding any possible updates to the town’s fire code regulations.

The Community House website states, “Founded in 1923 as a place to strengthen our community by providing a home for all civic, social and recreational activities for individuals, families and organizations, we continue to honor that mission by supporting more than 70 organizations that benefit our community.”


November 17, 2015 Update: The Moorestown Community House has released a message on their Facebook page. There were no injuries.

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