Cookie in Toaster Causes a Small Dining Hall Fire

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A small toaster fire broke out in the Dining Hall Commons this morning at 10:20, triggering a school evacuation.

“A student placed a cookie in the toaster,” said Sherryl Scheetz, who works in the Dining Hall. She added that there is a large sign adjacent to the toaster that states “Do Not Place Cookies in the Toaster.”

According to Scheetz and Dining Hall employee Barb Caden, Dining Hall Manager Lisa Marco quickly pushed the smoking toaster outside until the Moorestown Fire Department arrived.

Although students are speculating about the identity of the student who placed the cookie in the toaster, the student in question declined to confirm or deny their involvement. WordsWorth does not report on rumors.

The fire department spent about 15 minutes inside the dining hall and students were allowed back in the building shortly after.

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