Daily Grades on NetClassroom

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In 2012, Moorestown Friends School introduced myMFS, an online portal for the school community. The portal lists each students classes, and allows students to see their report card grades from previous years on NetClassroom. Starting this school year, MFS faculty are beginning to post individual homework, test and quiz grades to NetClassroom. While this process is only in the beginning stage and is not yet used by every teacher, some students are finding this tool very useful.

“It’s a really helpful tool,” said Junior Kieran McMenamin.  “Being kept up to date with my grades is a huge help.  I think it’s pretty cool how we’re able to do this now.”

Other students haven’t really been able to use the new tool. When asked about his feelings on it, junior Travis Benedict replied, “Wow, this is actually the first time I’m hearing about this. I guess I’ll have to check it out when I get home.”

When asked when he believes all teachers will be regularly using NetClassroom, Associate Head of School and Academic Dean Chris Kimberly said, “While we are not certain that all teachers will be posting grades to NetClassroom next year, it seems likely. The plan will need to be reviewed by both administrative council and the department chairs group to ensure that we have in place appropriate guidelines and expectations for teachers, students, and parents.”

The MFS administration was motivated to make the switch to NetClassroom for the sake of the student body. By giving students the opportunity to check daily how they are doing in a class, the student is kept up to date on their progress and is able to anticipate their likely quarterly, semesterly, and ultimately yearly grade. When in full effect, NetClassroom will no doubt be a useful tool for students and teachers alike.

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