Dance Dance Revolution MFS Dance Team Makes Its Debut

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When drama director Angela Wertner joined the MFS Community in September, she immediately noticed the lack of oppurtunity for MFS dancers to showcase their skills. After seeing Spirit Week’s impressive airband competitions , the inspiration for Dance Team was born.

The dance team, advised by Wertner, currently has eight members from various grades. While predominantly female, the squad is co-ed and has several male participants.
Freshman Co-President Lizzie Cohen said, “We practice all styles of dance but we specifically focus on hip-hop lyrical and jazz [dance forms].”

So far, the team has performed during basketball games as half-time entertainment, and even made a special performance during this year’s Talent Show. Alyssa Kiler, Rowan Suarez, Jordan Brunner, and Spencer Dennis are other officers involved with the team.

“Mr. Wertner along with Spencer have been making our mixes recently,” says team member Liz Huettl. The dance mixes often feature a variety of songs, to which the girls then create corresponding choreography.

The club meets on both D and E days, where they will continue rehearsals for upcoming performances at lacrosse games in the upcoming season.

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