Studs and Duds Best (and Worst) of Dodgeball Names

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Dodgeball team naming is an art. One must balance the 5 D’s of Dodgeball: dirty, deviant, deprecating, dauntless, and dirty.  The following is a list of our favorite names from this year- these have been creative and comical. Have they crossed that line? Perhaps a little, but it’s not funny if you don’t rock the boat.

Scared Hitless
A well done pun both referencing the sport and masterfully using self-deprecation.

Beastie Balls
Makes the always funny balls pun. Also satirically bombastic.

Thunder Down Under
It’s funny because they win. End of story.

There also some names that just missed. Names that made a clear effort, but it didn’t work out and we don’t give points for effort in comedy.


There is a dynasty. You’re not it. Sorry.

Tru legends
Legends of what? A bit presumptuous.

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