Do’s and Don’t of Prom

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DO's and DONT's of promWith prom just around the corner, everyone is running around trying to find a dress or a last-minute date. For some, it will be the first prom they have ever attended.  For others, this could be their last prom, and possibly their fourth if they’ve gone since freshman year.  If you don’t know what to expect, save yourself the trouble and follow these simple do’s and don’ts of prom:


1) DO buy tickets on time. There’s no point in reading the rest of this list if you find out all the tickets are sold out. (It’s a little too late now)


2) DON’T feel pressured to have a date. In the wise words of Justin Brandon, “No date is better than a bad date.”


3) DO wear comfortable shoes. Nothing is worse than aching feet from six inch heels.


4) DON’T wait until the last minute to get a tux/dress. If it doesn’t fit, you will be stuck borrowing something from your mom or dad.


5) Lastly, DO have a good time. Prom is a great experience and a perfect time to make lasting memories with your friends. Take pictures, eat good food, and dance the night away.


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