English Premier League, Here We Go

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Five weeks ago, all over the world, soccer fans were filled with excitement as the English Premier League returned for its 2014-2015 season.

Known for its competitiveness, the start of the Premier League has supplied the soccer-watching world with thrilling upsets and remarkable comebacks. Additionally, the summer transfer window has brought the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Radamel Falcao, Angel Di Maria, Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas, and Ander Herrera into the league.  All are world class players, and their participation has attracted considerable public attention and significantly improved the quality of the league.  These additions have set the league up for a great title race which promises twists and turns throughout the season.

After six weeks of action, Chelsea Football Club is on top of the table with five wins in six matches. The addition of Diego Costa has paid dividends, as he has already scored eight goals for the Blues.  Costa provides a physical presence up top, but can also use his pace to break away from defenders and make threatening runs or open up precious space behind the defense for his attacking companions.  One interesting scoreline for the Blues was their 6-3 victory against Everton.  This nine goal thriller showed that Chelsea can be suspect defensively at times but has the quality to score more goals than it concedes.  Another highlight of Chelsea’s season thus far was their 1-1 draw against Manchester City at Man City’s home field.  This draw was impressive, in spite of Man City being down to ten men on the pitch, as Chelsea earned a hard-fought point on the road against the defending champion.

Although Chelsea occupies the top spot and are favorites to win the title, there are still other teams in the spotlight after week five. Leicester City, a newly promoted squad, are adapting nicely to the Premier League as they have just beaten Manchester United 5-3. They have also drawn to Arsenal, 1-1 and Everton, 2-2. The Leicester City squad is full of passionate players who are determined to escape relegation and survive in the Premier League.

In a league as competitive as the EPL, comebacks are almost certainly guaranteed during the course of the year. Notable comebacks so far this season include a two goal comeback for Swansea City on opening day to defeat Manchester United 2-1, a four goal comeback for Leicester City to become victorious over Manchester United, 5-3, and a two goal comeback for Newcastle United to draw with Hull City, 2-2.

Even the strongest, highest quality teams can be matched and beaten in the Premier League. Upsets are the most thrilling and memorable of all matches. This season’s matches where the underdog has overcome a favored opponent include a 2-1 opening day win for Swansea City against Manchester United,a 3-2 victory for Crystal Palace over Everton, a 1-0 win for West Brom against Tottenham, a 1-0 victory for Stoke City against the reigning Champions, Manchester City, a 1-0 victory for Aston Villa against Liverpool, a 3-1 win for West Ham against Liverpool, and an exciting 5-3 win for Leicester City against mighty Manchester United.

So far, the English Premier League has lived up to expectations, bringing viewers heart-breaking losses and bone-chilling victories.  Still very early in the season, any team has the chance to qualify for a top four, Champions League finish, although many fans  predict it will be a battle between Chelsea and Manchester City for the title.  However, these five weeks of matches have shown that the Premier League is a rollercoaster ride.  Fans and viewers just need to hold on tight until late May, when everything is decided.  Until then, watch out for the twists and turns, and make sure your feet and arms stay inside the coaster: it’s going to be a wild ride!

# Team W D L PTS
1 Chelsea 5 1 0 16
2 Southampton 4 1 1 13
3 Man City 3 2 1 11
4 Arsenal 2 4 0 10
5 Swansea City 3 1 2 10
6 Aston Villa 2 2 1 8
7 Man United 2 2 2 8
8 Tottenham 2 2 2 8
9 Crystal Palace 2 1 2 8
10 West Brom 1 3 1 8
11 Stoke City 2 2 2 8
12 Leicester City 2 2 2 8
13 West Ham 2 1 3 7
14 Liverpool 2 1 3 7
15 Everton 1 3 2 6
16 Hull City 1 3 2 6
17 Sunderland 0 5 1 5
18 QPR 1 1 4 4
19 Newcastle 0 3 3 3
20 Burnley FC 0 3 3 3
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