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While exciting new shows such as How To Get Away With Murder are premiering this fall, MFS students are truly excited to see brand new seasons from their old favorites. WordsWorth got a few students’ takes on why these returning shows continue to be great.

Perennial favorite South Park, the often crude yet always wickedly funny animated sitcom, returned for its eighteenth season on September 24.  While some critics have accused the show’s writers of missing their mark as often as not the last few seasons, when South Park is at its best, it is truly extraordinary.  Fans have complete confidence that showrunners Matt Stone and Trey Parker will be able to expertly blend their signature mix of hilarity and social commentary into the new season.  Senior David Golden said, “It’s a really witty animated show that has interesting political and social points to make while still being funny.”

The fifth season of AMC’s haunting post-apocalyptic zombie-fest, The Walking Dead, began on October 12th. The much-acclaimed horror show has attracted critical acclaim, both for the complex interpersonal relationships between characters and its uniquely realistic visual style.  Sophomore Jackson Blanchard said, “The Walking Dead comics are really good, so I’m glad the TV show is coming back so we can see more of those zombie-filled stories on the screen.”

Nickelodeon’s flagship show The Legend of Korra aired the first episode of its fourth and final season on October 3rd.  The Legend of Korra, a fast-paced animated show inspired heavily by Asian anime and aimed at an older demographic than Nickelodeon’s usual fare, has a huge online following, but received only average ratings on the air.  As such, Nickelodeon has chosen to release the final season exclusively on their website rather than on TV, a decision the show’s tech-savvy audience does not mind in the least, so long as the show they love so dearly gets to them somehow.  Sophomore Mary Omilian explained, “I like Korra because it’s such an interesting show. It’s a mix of amazing action, hilarious jokes, and really complicated yet hilarious characters. No matter if it’s airing on TV or online, I’m gonna watch it all!”

From South Park’s crude little mountain town to The Walking Dead’s chillingly gory dystopia to The Legend of Korra’s Eastern-inspired action-packed mythos, television is looking up this fall. Stay tuned!

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