Fashion Week

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Fashion week is known for having some of the most outrageous outfits of the year, and this week was no exception.  But who actually wears these outfits?  Many of the outfits are unrealistic and expose parts of the body that are not socially acceptable to be shown in day-to-day life.  Many people do not see the point of fashion week, since the outfits are not worn by most, but fashion week allows designers to assess what the colors and patterns for the season are going to be.

The designers who attend or watch fashion week see the different styles and make their own designs based off of them.  Fashion week can tell a designer whether form-fitting or looser dresses are in style.  The colors featured most often during fashion week can affect what color clothing will be seen the most this season.  Whether ecru or aqua shirts are the new fad is strongly influenced by fashion week.  A couple of years ago, designers would not have made high-waisted shorts, but high-waisted designs on the runway have introduced this style.  No matter how outrageous an outfit may seem, designers may see aspects of sported styles that may influence their fall collections.  The clothing people are wearing right now was most likely influenced by a fashion week, whether it was the one in New York, Istanbul, or anywhere in between.

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