Four Years of High School done, 4,400 Miles to go

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This summer, David White, Moorestown Friends alum and previous WordsWorth editor in chief, will be participating in a 4,400 mile bike from Baltimore to Portland to raise money for cancer. He is part of a team, which consists of sixteen others who will be joining him in the trip. There are also teams in San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle. White said, “I decided to participate in the 4K for cancer because I want to do what I can to combat the terrible disease.” He first discovered the event on the Johns Hopkins campus, at an information table.
Over the course of 70 days, White will bike 50-130 miles per day, visit cancer patients, and conduct workshops to inform people about the disease. While thinking about the upcoming journey, White said, “I’m probably most worried about missing all of the friends and family I won’t be seeing for the 70 days I am gone, but I know that I’ll survive without them.”
For this trip White will need to bring standard biking gear, a helmet, a water bottle, food and a razor. In preparation for the ride, White is biking 50 miles a day and plans to increase the distance as the ride nears.
Each member of each team is raising money for the cancer fund. White has set a goal to raise $10,000. White said he will be “raising money through fundraisers, telemarketing and beggar’s emails.”
In regard to biking, White said, “[It] is my favorite exercise method, so the biking aspect definitely makes this a more fun endeavor. But the charity is the core of my decision.” The entire WordsWorth staff wishes our former Editor-in-chief great luck in his adventure.

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