From Moorestown to the Big Screen MFS Runs Commercials on TV

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Imagine A Place (30 sec spot) from Moorestown Friends School on Vimeo.

With the new schedule, new Advisory programs and new core curriculum classes, it is clear that the 2016-17 school year is a period of immense change for students and staff alike. The new project the MFS Communications team has been developing is no exception to this trend of change.

Don’t be alarmed when you’re scrolling through TV channels and you spot the all-too-familiar Moorestown Friends signature cupola – with the help of the Moorestown-bred design company, Hypno Design, and representatives of Comcast, the communications team at Moorestown Friends has recently decided to release two commercials. Soon to be broadcasted on Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, TLC and Lifetime, these 15- and 30-second commercials will market the school in a more accessible manner than ever before.

One purpose of the commercial is to right misconceptions viewers may have about the accessibility of Moorestown Friends. When questioned about the decision to broadcast commercials marketing the school, Mike Schlotterbeck, MFS Director of Marketing & Communications, stated, “The main purpose is to market the school, but more specifically get word out that we’re more than a high school – we also offer a great education for students in K-12.” He also offered future insight into how this series of commercials may develop, noting, “We may change our campaign in order to highlight some specific MFS programs, including the coding program.”

While seeing familiar faces on the big screen isn’t usually something most of us are used to, avid television watchers in the MFS community may eventually become accustomed to watching as friends and teachers’ faces are displayed across their home television screen. And if the commercials yield success, the entirety of the MFS community will be presented with new faces as the next year rolls around and enrollment increases throughout all grades. 

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