Girl’s Tennis Recap 2016

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“The future is looking very bright,” said MFS Girls Varsity tennis coach Mike Bodary.  “With only one senior, Jess Ferber, graduating this year, and with two freshman returning as singles players, we should be competitive for many years.” The Girl’s Varsity team finished this season with a commanding record of 15-4. The girls are the 2016 NJSIAA Non-Public B South Champs, gaining this title for the first time since 2007.

The number one and two singles players, Renna Mohsen-Breen (freshman) and Jess Ferber (senior) were voted to the All South Jersey Single all-star team, a regional team of only six players.

It is Ferber’s last season at MFS, and she finished strong both on and off the court.  

“I had a lot of fun this season and made a ton of new friends. I became close with a lot of freshmen, and I’m so grateful I had this experience to get to know them,” said Ferber.  She said this was probably her favorite season out of the four she’s been involved in because of the closeness of the team and how well everyone worked together. “I also really enjoyed this year because every single one of the girls on the team really loved tennis and were very dedicated to becoming better players for themselves.”

The MFS varsity girl’s tennis team celebrates their victory.

The MFS varsity team this past season was made up of four freshman out of seven total players. Bodary mentions,“Our number one singles player, Renna Mohsen-Breen, is someone who is always looking to improve her game.” She is the Player of the Year in Burlington County, the best player in the Friends League, made it to the fourth round in the state singles championship, and was newly named to the second team All State non-public team. On being player of the year, Mohsen-Breen commented that she “couldn’t have done it without her amazingly supportive team and coaches.”

Mohsen-Breen said she felt a lot of pressure playing first singles as a freshman, but she was able to put her nerves aside and play well. She also mentioned that it was really nice having older players on the team such as Ferber to help guide her development.

The Girls’ JV Tennis Team finished with a record of 4-9. While the season had its ups and downs, both the players and the JV coach, Kathleen Tuck, are hoping on an even stronger lineup next year. Ferber commented saying, “There was also so much talent on the JV so I’m sure players will be moving up [next season].”

The upcoming years will be exciting for Girl’s tennis; as many have very high hopes. Talking to a few of the varsity players, they believe that they will be able to go even farther than the Non-Public B South Champs. “I think that the team can only improve from here since we freshman dominated the lineup this year,” said Mohsen-Breen. “With so many returning players improving on their own, we can only improve from here as a team.” She added that she is excited for the next three coming years. While schools such as Newark Academy have dominated the upper tiers of the championship bracket in years past, with Mohsen-Breen at the helm, the MFS Girls’ Tennis team will be shooting for the gold.

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