Healthy Foods by Choice Closes Snack Bar, then Re-Opens at MFS’s Request

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As students returned to school, they noticed the snack bar in the back was not open during lunch.

According to Upper School Director Meredith Godley, the initial decision to close the snack bar during the Middle and Upper School lunch blocks was because the administration “want[ed] to steer students toward healthier options.” The Middle and Upper Schools made the decision jointly last spring, before Godley became Director, according to Middle School Director Kimberly Clarkson.

Godley noted that the snack bar has been temporarily reopened during US lunch, and more student feedback and discussion might be collected before more changes are made.

Agenda Clerks Mariana Goldlust and Kayleigh Schweiker told WordsWorth that the change will be brought up during the next meeting, which will give students an opportunity to express their thoughts.

Many students use the snack bar not only as a place to get food during lunch, but also to prepare for early dismissal for sports games. Junior Lauren Radack explained that she uses the snack bar to “buy food for [away games] during lunch.” In addition, Junior Ollie Frank agreed, and added, “The food helps a lot, but having enough water to stay hydrated is important for any athlete.”

Owner of Choice Foods, the parent company of Healthy Foods By Choice, Karen Gosik told WordsWorth that the Lower School approached her about closing the snack bar during their lunch block in the Spring of 2017. After Healthy Foods by Choice agreed to do so, the Middle School approached the company about closing the snack bar as well. Gosik said she was “surprised to hear both Middle and Upper School wanted the snack bar closed during their lunch blocks.” She added that talks with the school are “ongoing” to get the situation settled.

Gosik stressed that all snacks being sold in the snack bar meet the health certifications for snacks for children.

Gosik also made it clear that the prices of entreés would not change if the snack bar were to be closed permanently during lunch.

This story is still developing and WordsWorth will produce updates as often as possible.  

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