HenMUN 2016 MFS Model UN Team Wins Quadruple Recognition

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In their last conference of the year, four students from the MFS Model UN delegation won recognition for their work at HenMUN IV, in the fourth year of the University of Delaware’s annual Model U.N. conference.

Tyler Radack (’17) won Best Delegate as the People’s Republic of China in the Arctic Council—an impressive first place finish in a difficult committee, and his first ever award in his first year in the club. Having previously delegated only in economic committees, Radack excelled in the Arctic Council, where his strong speaking and debate skills led China to command talks over climate change and Arctic resource use.

Seasoned Model U.N. veteran John Barton (’17), Vice President of the MFS club, also won Best Delegate, for his role as Chinese representative Yang Yang in the International Olympic Committee. While Barton did not successfully gain the 2024 Summer Olympics for Beijing—an all-but impossible feat, considering China has already received the 2022 Winter Olympics, and hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008— his leadership in committee led to his recognition as far-and-away the best delegate,

Senior Zach Day (’16) went out on a high note during his last ever Model U.N. conference, winning an Honorable Mention as China in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN): a particularly impressive finish considering China is not technically in the ASEAN, so Day was forced to work as an outsider. This was his second award in a row, after winning an Honorable Mention with M.U.N. President Jacob Schoifet during the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference.

Finally, Anna Goula (’18) finished out the year with a “sophomore three-peat”, having won recognition in all three conferences MFS attended this year, in her first year with the delegation. At HenMUN her award was an Honorable Mention as Russian delegate Igor Ivanov in the historical Joint Crisis Committee for Kosovo. After her in-character sneakiness got her expelled from her original committee, she joined the rival Joint Crisis Committee for Serbia and continued to lead peace talks between the two sides.

“I feel absolutely honored to have had the experience to go to three Model U.N. Conference,” Goula said. “I think that the reason behind my success is that the officers of the club did a really good job training me. I’m looking forward to next year, and to using skills I’ve learned in M.U.N. in other aspects of my life.”

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