House Takeover Students Taking Charge at MFS Open Houses

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Admissions’ open houses at MFS are undergoing a serious change. Previously run entirely by MFS faculty with the help of students as tour guides, open houses are transitioning toward a more student-run style. Senior Spencer Kelly began the recent open house with an informative speech featuring a graphic guide to the school he made himself.

“I believe it went very well.” Kelly said. “The parents at the open house were very comfortable and very engaged [with] the information that I presented to them.

The Admissions Department was pleased with how the event turned out. When asked how she felt about the changes, Director of Admissions Rachel Tilney said, “It was absolutely awesome.”

“The speech was very student-focused, he was very professional, he had practiced a ton, and I think what he was presenting was completely appropriate to what the parents in attendance had wanted to hear. He talked a lot about facts and figures about the school that a family interested in the school wants to hear about. Things about the campus, about the students, and faculty, all that stuff. It was great!”

With the outcome of the student-run open house appearing to be extremely positive, it will be interesting to see if these changes stick around for future open houses.

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