Icy Roads Disrupt Traffic

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“I almost died,” Morgan Sloan told WordsWorth.  “I was going into a stop sign and I didn’t know there was so much ice, I skidded forward and almost got hit.”

“It was scary,” Tyler Mills said.  “I was going 5mph.  I started fishtailing.  I pulled over to the side and made the executive decision.  I came in late and stayed with Andrew Schultz.”

Ashlynne Thomson tells WordsWorth: “I was lucky.  I got here at 7:30.  Ten minutes later it would have been very bad.  It was a matter of minutes.”

Some even experienced accidents while driving on the icy roads.  Upper school Administrative Assistant Megumi Kanada was one of those people: “Right hand bumper split, front lights don’t work.  [I was] rearended by a car [and] slipped a little.  I was scared.  I came in at 9:00.  It was raining.  I didn’t realize it was that icy.  I was driving slow but slipped and got rearended.  I’m shaken up.”

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