In a Busy, Hectic World, New Twitter Accounts Aims to Brighten People’s Day

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“Trying to make everyone’s day a little bit easier and brighter,” reads @compliments_mfs’s Twitter bio.


The new account, which sends compliments to various members of the Moorestown Friends School community, appears to have been started on Tuesday afternoon.


“We want to help everyone get through hard times,” the account managers, reached via Twitter Direct Message, told WordsWorth. They added that they hope the account will bring a smile to everyone’s face.


The account is run by two students in the same grade who wish to keep their identities anonymous.


Their second tweet complemented Junior Jack Stern, who was one of the first followers of the account, saying he is “one of the sweetest people out there.”



“It honestly made my day and put a smile on my face,” Stern said.


Sophomore Calvin Bell was the subject of another tweet, which called him a “talented, smart, and athletic kid.”



“It definitively put a smile on my face yesterday once I saw it. It definitely caught me off guard because I didn’t know MFS had a platform like that … ,” Bell told WordsWorth.


The idea for a Twitter account that tweets compliments at students is not new. An account from the Spring of 2014, @mfscompliments, did the same thing. “We got the idea from [the past account] but thought we would want to start it back up,” commented the new account’s managers.


“[Our account] will impact the MFS community in a positive way because in [school’s] stressful environment, something like a simple compliment can brighten everyone’s day,” said the account managers.


Junior Mya Corsey also received a compliment. “I like that it’s anonymous because it kind of makes it more special because you don’t know who it comes from,” Corsey commented.



“We all need to make our day a little bit brighter, so whoever is able to take on that initiative to do that — I think it’s fantastic,” said Upper School Counselor Julie Lyons.


Students may recall that Twitter and other social media sites on the MFS network were blocked by the MFS administration, which cited “general bad usage.” The ban has since been lifted, and these students are showing that social media can be used for good, too.


“I’m glad that the student body is using social media in a positive way to show appreciation and love towards each other when it’s needed in our community,” said Bell. He added that he hoped the platform will continue to be used in the same way it is now, and not for negative purposes.

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