Is Snowball Girls’ Choice?

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Snowball has been an annual social event at MFS for many years now. This year, senior Kirsten Mullen wants to make a change.


Mullen proposed making Snowball girls’ choice on the Senior class page when discussing a possible theme for the dance. Instead of the standard tradition of boys asking girls to accompany them to the dance, girls would take charge.


“As a freshman and sophomore, I didn’t really have the idea to ask a guy,” explained Mullen as to how she had previously felt about the possibility of a girls’ choice dance.


One of the major problems Mullen faced in instituting her proposition was a lack of concern from other students.


“People [were] saying, ‘Oh, well, there’s not a rule saying that girls can’t ask guys, so having this girls’ choice is not really important,’” she explained.


“You should be able to ask whomever you want,” said sophomore Jon Colon. “If you want to ask someone, just ask. There shouldn’t be a set girls’ choice or boys’ choice,” another anonymous sophomore stated.


“Stereotypically, boys have to ask girls to the extent that girls are even judged when they ask a guy,” stated Erica D’Costa, “It’d be really neat to switch things up.”


Mullen said she also felt this way, recalling that she thought that people would think “[a girl asking a guy] would be weird.”


When reflecting on her feelings about asking guys to Snowball as a freshman and sophomore, Mullen said she thought that upperclassmen participation would help to spread the idea among everyone else.


“I think if we have some upperclassmen girls asking guys, the underclassmen will be encouraged to do it too,” said Mullen, explaining her belief that this is an opportunity for girls to take initiative.


Overall, the students of MFS don’t seem to oppose the idea, but are more in favor of everyone having the freedom to ask anyone to Snowball. On Friday the decision for a girls’ choice snowball will be made.

Editor’s Note: The Senior class decided to encourage girls to ask guys and vice versa, rather than make Snowball girls’ choice outright.

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