It’s a Lark with Larkin Ewan's Guide to Enjoying Senior Year

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Arguably the most stressful year of many teenagers’ lives, senior year rounds out students’ high school experience with angst, anxiety, and hard work. However, that hardly means that it has to be all blood, sweat, and tears. By following these simple rules, any MFS senior can have a great last year.

  1. Sleep

Now, I know that sleep is not exactly the most interesting activity, but trust me, it works wonders beyond merely the hours one spends in bed. The more sleep you get, the more ready and willing you will be to tackle those AP classes, lead those clubs, and generally enjoy yourself. While a solid eight hours at night are important, the homework load plus extracurriculars like sports and the play sometimes make that impossible. So remember, naps are not just for toddlers anymore: for the first time in a decade and a half, thirty-minute catnaps are your best friend.


  1. Don’t get wrapped up in it all.

Obviously, academics are incredibly important, but with all the constant reminders of that fact, this is your reminder that other things are important too. Between college tours, applications, and letters of acceptance, things can get incredibly hectic; when life seems crazy, just remember to breathe and trust that everything will fall into place. In years past, I’ve known seniors who worried so much about college that they forgot to cherish that last year of high school, and no one should miss out on what deserves to be an amazing chapter in their life. Enjoy that last spirit week, that last play, that last game; and for Pete’s sake, enjoy those brand new free periods.


  1. Do what you love.

The expression goes, “think outside of the box,” and most of the time that advice rings true, but senior year is a time to do what you’re best at. Four years ago, you were hesitant freshmen, nervously trying out for the play, sampling one club after another, not knowing quite what to do. But now, as seniors, we’ve finally figured it out: we are leaders in every part of the school, and it’s time to live it up. If there is something you have not tried that you still want to explore, don’t worry — that’s what college is for.


These are just a few tips which I think will help my classmates make the most of senior year. Always remember: this is your last year at MFS. Enjoy every second, work hard, and make this a year you can look back on with pride.

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