iTunes 11 Review: Sleek look defines latest update

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Apple Inc. recently released the next version of its popular media management software, iTunes 11.  This is the first major iTunes release in over two years, adding new features and a new, sleek graphical update.  WordsWorth highlights the main changes below:

New User Interface: The first obvious change is iTunes’s new look.  The clean, simplified face of iTunes is very representative of Apple’s ‘less is more’ philosophy.  The sidebar has been nixed along with a few other features that most users found irrelevant anyway.  The music control buttons are no longer individual buttons but click-able shapes, mimicking the controls you would find on an iPhone.  Drop down boxes contain all of the options previously found in the sidebar.  If you miss the former layout of iTunes, there’s a setting to change back.  Overall, Apple did a great job redesigning iTunes’ user interface.

Up Next: This is an interesting feature that Apple added to replace iTunes DJ.  Ever had that moment where you’re listening to one song and you think of another one you want to hear?  Up Next solves that problem by allowing the user to add a song to the Up Next list, which is found in the Track Info pane.  Users can also see what’s playing next and switch the song order.

iTunes Store: The iTunes store also got a fresh, new look.  This update was also rolled out to iOS 6 users.  Various headings on the home page have been changed, and some features have been added as well.  One of my favorite is the ability to scan gift cards using the FaceTime (front facing) camera.

Other updates: The Mini Player is now a bit more simplified and useful.  Users can access various options through Mini Player without needing iTunes open, another plus.

Deletions: Ping’s remnants have been eliminated from iTunes, after Apple killed the service a few months ago.  Ping was Apple’s attempt at a music-oriented social network that nobody cared to use.  Rest in peace.

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