Major Change in Minors

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The 2015-16 school year will see a new policy regarding AP classes and minor enrollment for seniors.

MFS policy dictates that students enroll in at least two minor courses per semester, with an exception for seniors whose schedules are especially rigorous. In previous years, seniors wishing to drop down to one minor have had to be in two AP or Honors courses.

The administration has decided to up the ante for the upcoming year, requiring two AP (not Honors) classes in order to take just one elective.

Upper School Director Justin Brandon says that the policy change reflects a rapid increase in student population, leading to under-enrollment of seniors in minor courses.

Brandon hopes that an increase in seniors taking minors will facilitate connections between seniors and underclassmen, forging a stronger MFS community.

“[We have] a great minor program that’s unique to MFS,” said Brandon. “We want all of our students all four years to take advantage of as many of the opportunities in the minor program as possible.”

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