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Over the years, many students have had trouble deciding what career they would like to pursue after graduation. College Guidance Director Meredith Hanamirian revealed that around 60% of college students change their major once they are in college. A US News and World report article also stated that in their first two years of college, many students change their major four to five times.

One method for helping students decide on a major is a personality test. Hanamirian believes that these tests can be helpful because “sometimes they point out strengths that a student hasn’t thought of or can give students ideas of careers that might match their strengths.”  The US News and World Report article suggests that students should explore majors they are interested in through entry-level major courses to judge their true level of interest.

Although having a major in mind can help in a student’s search for the right college, Hanamirian doesn’t feel that it is necessary for a student to know what they want to do during the college search. “I think it’s important not to feel pressured to pick a major if you’re really unsure because then you can look at schools that have a specific major, but might not end up being the right fit because you’ve changed your mind,” Hanamarian said.

Overall, Hanamirian believes that being undecided will not affect a student during the admissions process: “The most common major noted on college applications is undecided, so if you are really undecided its better to go in marking that as your major and that is very much accepted among college admission officers.” If a student is not sure of what they want to do by senior year, they should not feel pressured because there is more time to explore their options after they graduate.


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