MFS Reacts to Ferguson Police Shootings

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After four months of relative calm following riots in response to Michael Brown’s death, Ferguson has reentered the news, this time after two police officers were shot and wounded. Here are the reactions of some members of the MFS community:

“The resignations of the police chiefs are in response to the report of the justice department; it troubles me greatly. When someone standing up on the hill beyond the crowd targeting the policemen – this won’t be a good thing, obviously. The two police officers targeted weren’t even from Ferguson – they were from out of town. We are in that phase where we don’t have info, where the news will keep running stories and make it worse than it is.” – History teacher Eliza McFeely

“I didn’t find out about the shootings or about any of the resigning until today, so I’m kind of out of the loop, so I feel like it wouldn’t be fair for me to give an opinion on something I don’t know enough about. I do feel in general that – I won’t say that officers deserved it because that is completely against my morals. I think once we know the full story we will be a little more clear as to why it happened. I don’t have enough to rant yet.” – Junior Breanna Riddick

“The police chief’s resignation shows that the police force is human too, and just as much as the people are fearful of the police, the police are fearful of the people. I think that racism per se is getting worse but that the racial tension is getting worse. It’s more on people’s minds because of the media.” – Senior Jason Woloshin

“The whole place [Ferguson] is a mess. Racism is more bold and now more talked about.” – Junior Travis Benedict

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