Mock Primary Preview

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The 14th Moorestown Friends School Mock Primary Election will take place on January 14th, 2016. A tradition that began in 1960, the Mock Primary Election is held every four years and is a school-wide event.

History teacher and MPE organizer Judy van Tijn told WordsWorth, “This year we’ll have a dual-party election, which means we’ll have candidates from both parties, and if there are any third party candidates, [they] can run.” When asked if the format will be changed at all since the 2012 MPE, van Tijn “We’re expecting to have ballot issues, the same way we usually have those. We’re still discussing the exact shape of the day, but I don’t think they’ll be any major changes to the day.”

Van Tijn also said, “It’ll be fun! I love MPE. I’m hoping that we get a lot of student involvement, the more student involvement the better. In 2008 we had a security force and voter ID and that was because students made it possible. We also had a quiz during assembly that students made possible, so it’s really beyond the basics, it’s what students want to do for the day. Hopefully we’ll get lots of student interest.”

The Mock Primary Election is a fun day that only comes around every four years. For Upper School Students, this will be the last time they’ll be able to take part in the festivities but they’ll be sure to enjoy it.


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