Mural Makeover at MFS

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Starting this year, MFS students and faculty are working on murals to be installed around the school for a new community art installation called the Vision 2020 Exhibition. The idea, originally proposed by art teacher Nicole Edmund,  calls for one mural to be displayed around the school each year until 2020.

The first completed mural depicts a train passing a canoe on a river and is now displayed over the staircase leading down to the art room. It was designed by Middle and Upper School ceramics teacher David Gamber. Gamber worked for about 250 hours on the mural, with the help of several dedicated students.

When asked how he got the idea for his mural, Gamber said, “Ideas are sometimes ethereal things.They seem to appear out of the air, but what really happens is that over the course of days or weeks of mulling over a project, ideas coalesce into a concept.  The concept is refined throughout the design process until the final image emerges. In this case the entire process was a collaboration between myself and members of the MFS community.”

Next year, artist in residence Brad Carney will be leading the construction of a new mural. When finished, the mural will be placed in Mr. Howard’s room and it’s subject will be music. Carney, who has great experience designing school murals, should be able to bring a unique approach to the exhibition.

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