New Challenge Has People All Across The Country Freezing in Place

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To view the Twitter video click hereDisclaimer: The song most challenge videos use contains explicit language. This is not endorsed or created by MFSWordsWorth.

It’s not often you see high school students bringing their busy lives to a complete stop, but the Mannequin Challenge has made them do just that. The new viral sensation is sweeping over the entire country on Twitter, and now it’s made its way to MFS.

The goal of the challenge is simple: people suddenly freeze in place in the middle of a public area, while someone else videotapes the whole scene. Music is sometimes added in after the fact.

These videos have recently gone viral, with millions of people seeing #MannequinChallenge in their Twitter timeline as the craze spreads. The Mannequin Challenge has even reached the Class of 2017.

In a nearly 2 minute video about a dozen seniors can be seen freezing in place speaking and taking selfies in the Senior Hallway entrance, hanging outside by the oval, standing on the stage, and watching a dodgeball game in the Field House.

“Noah [Magaziner], Mike [Sawyer], and myself saw several mannequin challenge videos on Twitter and we thought it’d be a cool idea if we made one with the senior class,” explained Senior Tyler Soso, who was reached via email.

“We got everyone to participate by showing them examples of videos from twitter, then as more people found out about what we were doing they wanted to be a part of it,” said Soso. He went on to say that the seniors filmed the challenge during the same free period they thought of it, as well as during break and lunch.

At the time of publishing, the video tweet has garnered 60 retweets and more than 125 likes. Seniors Maura Diventura and Noah Magaziner, and Juniors Kayleigh Schweiker and Phil Evans, recorded the clips.

The Mannequin Challenge has already been completed this weekend by groups such as the New York Giants, SEC Sports Coverage, ESPN Sports Center, and Navy Football, among others.

Keep checking your Twitter feed, because the #MannequinChallenge seems to just be getting started.

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