New Peer Leaders 2015-16 Seniors to Take Over Peer Leadership Elective

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The peer leaders for the 2015-16 school year have been chosen.

Selected as male peer leaders were David Borne, Mitchell Mullock, Zach Day, Kieran McMenamin, Matt Mullock, Dylan Eni, Jake Rosvold, and Jacob Schoifet. The girls selected were Erin Chen, Amanda Karlsson, Andayah Sams, Margaux Vellucci, Marirose Aleardi, Gabriela Montes, Nia Francis, and Mia Zayas.

Mr. Brandon, Ms. Taylor-Williams, and Mrs. Hanamirian interviewed over 30 junior applicants for peer leader positions as part of the program’s second year. The process was challenging for the administration,  as the 30 applicants were vying for just 16 spots (8 boys and 8 girls).

The group interviews posed each applicant with several situations that might arise in a peer leadership class to see probe how he/she might handle it. Scenarios included handling of plagiarism and offensive or awkward comments by students.

Newly chosen peer leader Zach Day was fond of the interview protocol. “[It] was the best way to show who would be best for the position, as it allowed each interviewee to have their voice heard on the potential topics that may come up in the peer leadership setting.”

Over the course of the 2014-15 school year, the peer leadership program has already become a vital part of the MFS high school community. The program allows for the seniors and freshmen to get to know each other, and allows the newest high schoolers to become better prepared for high school life. The program is helpful for educating the freshmen on the academic and social ways of high school.

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